25% of Office Space Unoccupied in Philadelphia Suburbs

Nov 9, 2022

As father time moves along, we are staring down a full 3 years since the pandemic began. www.propmodo.com sites that 25%, or roughly 3 million square feet of office space in the Philadelphia Suburbs remains unoccupied. This 25% marker stands out nationally compared to our peer group.

While these numbers are rather staggering on the whole, it further cements the point that Tenants are in a clear position of power over landlords. Whether you are in a situation to consolidate, downsize, expand, renew or relocate, any sort of office space real estate related event is firmly in your favor…if your process and strategy is properly coordinated.

The Gola Corporate Real Estate exclusive tenant representation & project management service platform has helped thousands of companies in providing both the proper negotiation strategy AND ensuring the footprint for your office space is conducive to the company needs and its employee retention and attraction. It cannot be stressed enough that space planning and workplace solutions in a hybrid world is just as important to your culture and bottom line, as it is to run a true exclusive tenant representation site selection and negotiation process.

The water is murky for all tenants and landlords as office space evolves in a post-pandemic market. Gola Corporate Real Estate is here to bring clarity to your companies process and ensure that you are getting the best possible renewal, relocation, consolidation, expansion or downsize terms out of your landlord.


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