We augment solid tenant representation with project management services to support our clients from site search through move-in. All at no additional cost to the client.

Whether finding and securing new office space or renewing a lease, the process demands deep knowledge of the commercial real estate market, complex research, analysis, superior negotiation skills and informed decision-making. Readying leased space for occupancy often requires FF&E specification and managing a team of designers, contractors, vendors, and movers. It is a logistical and time-consuming challenge that most tenants are unprepared to meet.

Our professional staff partners with clients to adeptly handle myriad tasks, from lease through occupancy and beyond. We guide them through each step of a project, whether it involves a simple space programming and planning exercise or a complicated site search for a relocation, build-to-suit or building purchase.


Gola’s advisory services stem from our attention to the details of a client’s transaction, and as many of us have learned the hard way, the devil is in the details. So, we are data collectors and analysts first, and advisors, planners and strategists after all the facts are in. We consider our tenant advisory services to be the more cerebral aspect of what we do, with a combination of research, analysis, communication, and financial skills at play, and perhaps a dash of Psychology 101 thrown in.

  • Tenant space, location, and budget needs analysis
  • Market lease/purchase option evaluation
  • Site search and tours
  • Comparables analysis
  • Landlord proposal solicitation
  • Lease negotiation
  • Tailored local and worldwide market data
  • Strategic real estate planning
  • Lease portfolio management
  • Disposition of space
  • Facility management


Project services are Gola’s differentiator because unlike other tenant reps, project management is built into our service model. We support tenant needs beyond the lease transaction and help bring their vision and requirements to fruition. The pleasure we get from representing a client’s interests during programming, design, construction and move-in is only exceeded by the satisfaction of knowing that they are fully functional and enjoying their new space.

  • Space programming, planning, and floor plans
  • Relocation cost budget development
  • Design team coordination
  • Construction specifications and budget
  • Furniture, finishes and equipment budget and specification
  • Voice and data specification
  • Vendor RFPs and selection
  • Contractor coordination
  • Construction management and site inspections
  • Mover RFPs and selection
  • Move coordination
  • Punchlist and remedial task oversight

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